Švietimo mainų paramos fondas


Gift Practices

❖ The best gift is a verbal or written expression of gratitude. We do not accept any gifts given because of the functions performed by the Fund’s employees, and we do not offer such gifts ourselves. Gifts are considered to be any tangible item, service, or other benefits of value (discounts, training, meals, accommodations, entertainment, festive gatherings, events, etc.). If a Fund employee receives an offer to accept such a gift or invitation, they must decline and offer a simple thank-you instead. The best gift to us is your appreciation, so a verbal thank-you or a written feedback would be sufficient.

❖ We respect traditions and Exceptions are only made for gifts according to international protocol or customs, as well as gifts intended for representation (state, institutional, and other symbolic items, calendars, books, and other informational materials). We accept and provide such gifts ourselves. If the value of such a gift exceeds 150 euros, it is considered state property. In such cases, the Fund employee must hand over the gift for safekeeping at the Fund.

❖ Recommendation: If you are a Fund employee and you are unsure how to act in a specific situation to avoid conflicts of interest and other corruption risks, openly discuss your concerns with your direct supervisor, the Fund’s management, or the person responsible for corruption prevention, and request recommendations on how to appropriately handle the current situation. If such concerns arise for a Fund client, the best way to dispel them is to refrain from giving any gifts.