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Gift Practices

Principles of Employee Gift Practices

We do not accept gifts if these are given to us for the functions performed by the EESF.

We do not accept gifts if they are aimed at influencing decisions made by the EESF and/or affecting actions of an employee.

We do not accept money or gift vouchers as gifts and in all cases return them officially to the institution or person who made that gift.

Our aim is to hear gratitude or words of recognition for our work well performed.

We accept representational gifts that are exchanged during official meetings in accordance with the requirements of the protocol.

We accept gifts as measures for promoting the activities of institutions of the European Union and other international organisations and those operating in Lithuania, as well as other financial support programmes.

If the donator insists on our accepting a gift as a sign of their sincere gratitude, we accept that gift and make the fact public inside our organisation and the gift is turned over for common use.

When giving EESF promotional items as gifts, we abide by the same rules with respect to other institutions and persons.

We make these principles public, with a view to avoiding ambiguous situations and hoping that our partners and grant beneficiaries will help us to live by them.