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Social Responsibility

The Foundation’s direct activity is related to the administration of international and national educational programs, but social responsibility has been occupying an important place in the life of the organization for many years. The employees taking initiatives, heads of units supporting them, the desire to share with those who have less and to do as little damage to the planet as possible in the process have led to the birth of socially and environmentally friendly initiatives at the Foundation.

Environmentally friendly initiatives

  • Reduction of paper documents – since 2016. The Foundation has implemented an electronic management system for documents, so contracts, personnel documents, letters and other important documents are now being sent and received electronically. The Foundation is recognized as one of the most advanced organizations that have implemented paperless electronic document management processes early on among the “Erasmus+” national agencies.
  • ECO Group – At the beginning of 2019 a voluntary group of employees was established. The group now provides suggestions for more sustainable daily activities at the Foundation. One of the first initiatives implemented by ECO Group was the introduction of good recycling practices.
  • Transferring the event evaluation questionnaires to electronic format – in autumn of 2019 the physical event evaluation forms were abolished. Participants of events, seminars and conferences now fill out evaluation forms electronically.
  • Responsible publishing – most of the Foundation’s publications are published electronically. When the physical format is needed, recycled paper is chosen.
  • Joining the initiatives of other organizations related to reducing the impact of climate change. For example, “Hack4Climate” hackathon, which was organized by the Office of the European Parliament in Lithuania and the Representation of the European Commission in Lithuania at the end of February – beginning of March 2020.

Socially friendly initiatives

  • Christmas charity auction – an auction, which has become a tradition of the Foundation over the years. Items or services sold at this auction are donated by the Foundation employees from their personal resources. The funds collected during the auction are used to support struggling families.
  • Frequently supporting retirement homes and children’s day care centers by donating used clothes, dishes and office supplies.
  • Supporting animal shelters by donating worn textile.