Švietimo mainų paramos fondas


Social Responsibility

The Education Exchanges Support Foundation conducts itself in accordance to the principles of responsible action. We are a responsible player in the field of educational system, a public institution, an employer and a responsible member of the public.

  • We operate clearly and transparently. Transparency is our core value. We communicate about our actions, publicly introduce the distribution of the budget, the process of evaluation of applications, and the criteria of selection. We do not accept any gifts. We organize open-door days and answer all the questions.
  • We are for responsible employment: we believe that employees are the key factor of success, that ensure the quality of our organization. We guarantee the fair and timely payment, and social security benefits in the event of unemployment. We guarantee the right to rest and the right to health insurance. We recognize the right of workers to group in unions or associations and the right to negotiate the matters with the employer. We focus a lot on employee motivation and encourage the development of qualifications. We support and facilitate the implementation of internal communication initiatives. We strive to be beneficial to the public. We organize charity auctions, where employees sell different personal items to each other, and we donate the collected money to good cause. It also has already become a tradition that every September we support the school staff at Santariškės hospital by presenting them with our employee donated items.
  • We are in favour of reducing the negative impact on the environment. Every year we favour digital releases in order to reduce the number of printed publications. The materials distributed at our events are usually sent via e-mails. We do not print documents out unless it is absolutely necessary.