Švietimo mainų paramos fondas



The Foundation is its employees. Both the quality and the results of the activities depend on the dedication, involvement and teamwork of the employees. Employees consider their colleagues, the team they work with and the values ​​of the organization to be the greatest strengths of the organization.

Feedback from employees about the organization and colleagues:

“What inspires me in our organization is that every person is a virtue. The support from the Head of our Unit and the open working relationship between employees, Heads of Unit and the Director of the organization are also very inspiring.”

“It is important to me that the organization gives every opportunity for personal development, raising qualification, deepening the knowledge and adapting it to the everyday work. It inspires me to reach for new goals.”

“Professional and friendly colleagues, flexible work hours, friendly atmosphere and the feeling that I am an important and valued employee.”

Facts and numbers:

  • Currently there are 70 employees working at the Foundation.
  • All employees have obtained higher education.
  • At least one employee spends nearly 40 hours studying and improving his/her competences per year.
  • The average duration of an employee’s work at the Foundation is 5 years.
  • The Foundation has 80% female and 20% male employees.
  • Friday – your pet at the office day!

Currently we are not looking for new employees.

If you wish to join our team in the future, please send us your “Europass CV” via e-mail cv@smpf.lt and note the position you are interested in. When the opportunity arises, we will contact the candidates who meet the needed criteria directly. Why do we require “Europass CV”? You will find out once you familiarize yourself with the activities of our organization.


We are open to share our knowledge, so we provide an opportunity for a few talented and motivated students or graduates to do an internship in our organization every year. During the internship, our younger colleagues can get acquainted with the activities, feel the rhythm of the organization and understand the peculiarities of working in a team. Those, who are interested in doing an internship, please send the inquiries to our personnel specialist Audronė Šileikytė via e-mail cv@smpf.lt.