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Work Placement

Work placements in the public sector are not limited to the opportunity of applying theoretical knowledge and developing work skills and competences. Such work placements promote citizenship and also solve the youth unemployment problem as they help young people to integrate into the labour market and seek careers in the public sector. Two employees of the Foundation started their work after their previous work placements in our organisation.

The principles of student work placements at the EESF are as follows:

  1. Students are admitted to work placements at the Education Exchanges Support Foundation with account of the needs and possibilities of the Foundation at that time.
  2. Students of vocational schools and colleges and full-time and master students of universities are accepted for work placements at the Foundation, if work placements are provided for in their study programmes and if the aim and tasks of work placements are in line with the Foundation’s needs and possibilities.
  3. Regarding work placements at the Foundation, students should apply not later than 3 weeks before the start of any work placement.
  4. Students seeking work placements at the Foundation should send a request and CV by e-mail cv@smpf.lt with the reference ‘student work placements’. Please specify which languages you are fluent with.
  5. Students selected for work placements are invited to an interview at the Foundation, with a view to clarifying the needs and possibilities of both parties.
  6. Before the start of work placements, a tripartite student training agreement (between the student, the Foundation and the educational establishment) is made with the selected students and a specification of the proposed activities is agreed on.

If you have any questions or want more detailed information on work placements, write to us by email at cv@smpf.lt.

Students seeking work placements at other state or municipal institutions or bodies may use the database of the Civil Service Department.